Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is really the very first posting on the blog. So a bit of a beginning and I am still learning how to use the site correctly. I am not sure this post will even be read much but will at least this will form the foundation for future comments and travels.

Jeannie and I have had Seabright for 5 months. In that time we have traveled slightly more than 2400 miles. From Fla., where she was commissioned to as far north as Kuttyhunk MA., to spending time in the Chesapeake Bay.

We plan on heading south on November 12th. A bit later than what we would like but necessary for both personal reasons, as well as insurance and our inability to renter Fla until January 20th 2010 because of sales tax issues.

We plan on traveling south to Charleston SC for Thanksgiving and then to Brunswick Ga for Christmas. Finally departing on Jan 20th and traveling to Long Boat Key Moorings on the West Coast of Fla for the winter.

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