Saturday, November 14, 2009


The weather has improved and we are leaving at first light tomorrow morning. We have loaded up the boat with food, clothes and other necessaries and are ready to take off.
There was even a bit of sun this afternoon. I have washed the boat down to get rid of all the storm debris, filled the water tank and have removed all of the extra lines I had put on for high winds. Jeannie has been hard at work inside getting things ready and the galley in order.

We will stay tomorrow night at Waterside Marina in Norfolk. Not quite sure of Monday, the Great Bridge Lock is closed and may open Monday morning. The problem is there may be a back up of both commercial and recreational boats waiting to go through and that traffic jam may hinder us until it settles back down. We will see what it looks like when we get down there.

There are two other Outer Reefs leaving at about the same time from points further north, Copeing and Tomahawk. Ray & Susan, Tommy & Renee will be a day behind us unless we wait a day.

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