Friday, November 20, 2009

Camp Lejune to Wrightsville Beach NC

Having dropped anchor we settled into what we thought was a three hour wait. The marine tower overlooking the waterway was visible from our bow. We had planned for a long day due in part to the total distance, shoaling and way too many bridges. This unexpected stop really complicated the day.

So in a moment of stress we did what comes naturally...we ate..lunch more specifically, as in a chili dog and homemade turkey soup hmmm. Copeing and Tomahawk both had also settled into what we assumed would be a lengthy wait. Unexpectedly, after an hour the guard boat announced the waterway was open and to proceed through. We hustled & pulled up the anchor and headed back down the ICW. Soon after getting underway they stopped a number of boats behind us, closing the water way again for 3 hrs. Glad we got through. We passed numerous armed marine amphibious boats and once having cleared out of the Camp Lejune area we heard live fire and explosions.

We passed down desolate parts of the waterway the were quite nice, undeveloped and serene.

Even passing some rather colorful and unique homes. This was a pepto-bismo pink house and you could literally see it from quite a distance. Would not have surprised me in the least if it glowed. Certainly the owners wanted to make a bold statement. Boy did they

Now this is an image that says it all. Cold beer, hot dogs. Gas and no wakes. So many contradictions, so much to ponder on... & bait no less. A veritable one stop shopping for the truly enlightened boater.

After passing a rather more upscale area on the waterway including this charming shrimper, "Foxy Lady". For indeed, she was foxy, we turned the corner and headed into Wrightsville Beach and docked a bit after 6pm. Settling into a nice quiet dinner on our boat.

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