Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coinjock to Belhaven to Morehead City.....

Finally internet & a few moments to work on a note! We left Coinjock NC after a wonderful dinner at the marina restaurant and happy expectations of tomorrow's trip. Because of the lock closure of the past few days the marina was full with happy boaters who have been pent up in Norfolk.

There is always interesting sights along the waterway including this boat ready for the duck hunting season. Coinjock, well known and appreciated by boaters along the waterway as more than a wide place in the waterway but  as the place to stop for prime rib. Ahh the challenges of south bound cruising.

One of the many fascinating things you encounter are bridges the joy and bane of ICW cruising. So interesting mechanically, so different, what can I say, just not something to  rush because there is little rushing...

This is the bridge, North Landing Hwy,  just south of Coinjock, it swings open pivoting on it's axis. This bridge is being worked on so it opened only the right segment..adds to your pucker power.

 Tomahawk and Copeing going through the Alligator River Bridge.

Here resides the all powerful bridge tender, the giver of opening and closings. A maker of your day or it's destroyer. The power to make it a good day or something worse. This guy was really great, friendly and helpful, others ...well not so.

Onward to Bellhaven, we decided to anchor out. So how to do this and still commune with friends and how to get to dinner without great effort? We rafted up. Here is Copeing and Tomahawk with us waiting in the wings.

Here are all three together. Looks like the Outer Reef Rendezvous without a dock! No muss no fuss, just us and the water.

Here is a good shot of Ray Cope our Master Mariner and all around good guy. He and Susan hosted a wonderful dinner, such gracious hospitality.

We are fortunate that not only are the Copes traveling with us but Tommy and Renee are with us. They both count for decades of experience and good friendship.

Here Jeannie getting some serious helm time. Her time for the watch and keeping us on the straight and narrow....

The ICW is always so interesting, some of the great sights that are hard to find anywhere else. Where else can you find a salmon colored seahorse adorned house one minute ......

And then the next a majestic eagle

  Tomorrow we need to decide if we run out side (ocean) or inside (ICW). hmmmm decisions decisions...

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