Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crunch time

We returned from Lexington Va after a very successful production of Where Were Born. Johnny did a most excellent job as his role of Drew. It was a provocative play and so much discussion afterwords.  We left early this morning for a 205 mile drive and we were home before lunch.

Now begins the crunch time to get things ready. I finished polishing the fuel in both side tanks, I will do one more time before leaving. In addition I transferred about 200 gal from the center tank to the side tanks.  We did a bit of logistics of putting things away and some reorganization of the galley and storage areas. We have done some shopping but there is more to be done.

The weather may be a concern. We depart on Thursday and a cold front is coming in Wednesday and the prediction is for NW winds 15-20 kts and wave kicking up. The good news we would get a good push south the bad news is 4 ft wave in the bay is not fun. But these forecast change fast so we keep an eye on things

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  1. hi John and Jeannie.

    Love the idea of a blog for this. Are you going to post more photos of the Seabright?


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