Thursday, November 12, 2009

East Coast Alerts

I thought I would post this alert that I received earlier today to add some additional depth about the storm.

East Coast Alerts
By Mel Neale
November 12, 2009

Attention Snowbirds!!
"November Northeaster" Hits North Carolina and Virginia HARD:
Ida's remnants are sitting almost stationary off the lower NC Outer Banks and there's a strong high pressure system over New England. The proximity of the two systems sets up a classic squeeze play with which we in southeastern Virginia are very familiar-strong Northeast winds, rain and tidal flooding. This one is a three-day event, with storm warnings on the Virginia portion of the Chesapeake Bay and coastal waters. Hurricane force winds are reported to be possible offshore in the Gulf Stream. The local newscasters have named it the "November Northeaster" and they compare the potential tidal flooding to "Isabel" levels. The high tide on Thursday, November 12 (today) evening (the highest tide predicted) will likely be 7.5 feet above MLW, whereas Isabel in 2003 reached 7.9 feet above MLW in the Hampton Roads area. It's too early to know the extent of damage to the waterways in eastern Virginia and North Carolina, as the worst of the storm is hitting us here today. The moderate to severe coastal flooding will cause a large amount of debris in the water, as well as possible damage to channel markers and shore-side facilities. Check the twice daily Broadcast Notice to Mariners if you are underway in this area, and call ahead to your marinas of choice to check for availability. We'll send out East Coast Alerts Updates if needed.*

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