Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coinjock NC

This is going to be a short written note but many pictures, we have to go to dinner soon.
We left Norfolk at 7:30 And ran the bridge and lock gauntlet.
Here are a series of pictures beginning in the industrial side of the waterway.


 This part of the waterway while not attractive is very intesting.

When we came to the first of many bridges there were a total of 12 motor vessels and 6 sail boats all waiting to go. It was quite a dance to stay in position with the many boats and current and wait for the bridge to open.

Finally the Great bridge Lock, which was filled to capacity!

The weather has turned cooler, cloudy and windy...erg..
Tomorrow Belhaven where we will find an anchorage.......

Be sure to link to SPOT and see our route

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