Friday, September 30, 2011

Where the Hell is Coinjock

We departed Top Rack Marina for the 7am Steel Bridge opening. The last before rush hour restrictions went into effect. It was cool and the ground fog was forming in a beautiful early morning run.

Beautiful  foggy marshes as we traveled south of the bridge.

A few miles south of the bridge is the first and only lock on the east coast ICW,  the Great Bridge Lock. There is really not much of a tidal difference but on the other side there is not current and the water is now fresh or maybe brackish... We have been through this lock dozens of times so no surprises but it is always interesting and a sentinel event for changes either north and greater civilization or south and remote areas. We like the ICW for the most part for the sense of remoteness and wildlife. There are certainly areas we would rather avoid and some areas that are so built up as to be like driving in the big city but for now this is like stepping back in time.


As we traveled further south the bird watching got better. Jeannie found this lesser Blue Heron proudly perched on a floating log.

Tropical Storm Irene is still leaving a trail of dead head logs and debris. We followed this Carver who went faster and became the cow catcher, we followed in his wake and missed any unhappy surprises.

Jeannie found two beautiful bald eagles and so earned the eagle eye award for the day. He does look rather proud of himself.

After a relatively short day  we pulled into beautiful downtown Coinjock NC, literally a wide place in the river. They have tee shirts that ask the question Where the Hell is Coinjock?..says it all. We stop here as it is convenient to our north and southbound trip. They have great food and a wonderful atmosphere, meaning very informal and good southern food. The marina is on the left, all face docks, we are tied up behind a sports fishing boat. Usually there are a dozen or so boats tied up by dinner time. We have been here when it is very crowded and barely any room.

Tomorrow we are off again and will anchor just north of Bellhaven NC.

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