Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back and getting ready to go!

We have been traveling to the west coast to visit two of our kids and got back last night. Still a bit buzzed by the time zone difference. It was a great trip, a fun time and we ate way too much.

Now we begin to focus on Seabright and getting ready to depart. Our plan as it stands right now is to depart and head south in late September. Everything is weather dependent, but we hope to start our slow journey south pausing along the way in the Carolinas and Georgia. Due to insurance restrictions we cannot go further south than Cumberland GA until November 1st.

If the weather is good and the insurance company feels OK about the forecast, we can sometimes get a waiver to go further south early; usually a week or two before November 1st, but will not know until then. So we plan for a longer the stay and hope we can go further south early.

Our goals for the next few weeks will be to get all of the needed maintenance and administrative items done. Last I looked, the list  had sixty some items, some easy and others quite time consuming. However the weather has cooled a bit and working outside is not as painful as it was this time last month.

Next update will be the maintenance list!

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