Monday, October 10, 2011

Alligator River lives up to it's name

It certainly started out warm enough, recall our goal was shorts and flip flops for the duration. Two days out and what the heck it was cold enough that the firm commitment to shorts was tossed out the door and long pants with a light coat were the order of the day.

The weather of the past few weeks had the deadheads out and about. Keeping a good look out was very important. This one would have made your day a a sad one, if you hit it. It was about 15 ft long and 8-10in in diameter.

The waterway before it widens out into bay and various tributaries can be quite beautiful and peaceful. Once you pass Coinjock there are places that feel as if you leave civilization behind you.

It would not be unexpected to see an alligator if you go down Alligator River NC, right? We have been up and down this river many times but this is a first. We have anchored in the Everglades  and not seen hide nor hair of one. I guess a quick swim later is out of the question.

We anchored for the night at the southern end of the Pungo-Alligator River canal. In the past we seemed to always time this anchorage when the winds are blowing out of the south southeast with a longer fetch and 20kts. This night the wind was from the N/NE and never got worse that 15kts gusts. Our anchor digs in and we had a quiet cookout of hamburgers and slept well prepared for the next leg. The only downside is the mud is thick and black which is a bit like glue making clean up more challenging. Our experience had been the stronger the wind the deeper the Rocna sets. The next morning it took a bit of work to free it from the bottom. A small price to pay for a great nights sleep!

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