Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vero Beach

We had a 55 nm trip today, not really that long a distance, but it took a long time and we are feeling it. We had to go through a lock, not bad, fairly straight forward. We missed a bridge opening by a few minuets and had to spin in the water for 28 min until the next opening. Been there and done that before. What made it tiring was the wind. We had a strong wind from the south  which kept trying to push us out of the narrow channel. So we kinda crab walked most of the way here. Lots of hands on steering today and working to keep us lined up in the channel.

We are in and tied up at the fuel dock at Vero Beach City Marina and looking forward to getting together with some friends for dinner.

Ahh....Shorts no coats are the order of the day. Nice and warm....

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