Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ft. Lauderdale

The forecast for the day off shore was 3-5' seas with the wind from the north. What we found was 1-2' seas in close, so we had a good & uneventful trip. Clear skies and blue seas, quite nice.

Cruising down the ICW we took pictures of the changing scenes and I decided I like gnarly trees like this beautiful banyan.

While not gnarly the tropical look is a plus

This marina was tucked in between beautiful homes and boats. The problem with ethanol in gasoline in marine engines is that it ruins the engine and requires expensive repairs. Here they are advertising ethanol free gas. We only use gas in our dingy outboard engine.

This is the Parker Bridge and it was closed for part of the day yesterday due to truck over turned. As you can see there is construction and, as a result, only one part of the span opened, a bit tighter squeeze than usual.

As we traveled down the coast line we tried to stay closer in than usual because of the gulf stream which moves northerly at several knots. And with the wind from the north in opposition  the current can not only slow you down but make for a rougher ride.

Here is a view of Direct TV advertising along the beach. In NJ, DE and MD beaches it is planes pulling banners; here it is blimps.

This is a ship from Dock Wise. It was anchored just north of Port Everglades. It will transport yachts any where in the world.
It lowers and floods the inside and boats float in and then it closes and drains the water and the boats are secured. Pretty cool. This is a look at the stern which opens and floods.

Coming into the Port Everglades inlet is this charming (sic) Hyatt hotel.

Here is the 17th St. Causeway and one of the last bridges before getting to our marina for the night. We need to travel up the New River going to Marina Bay. But it was late in the day with a bad tide to go all the way so tomorrow we will leave around mid morning.

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