Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cruise line docking

The weather today is sunny, the wind has settled a bit and it feels warmer. So I took a nice bike ride to explore the area and get some exercise. Of course exploring some of the water front was high on my list.

Watching as this cargo ship was tied up to the dock is always interesting. This was about 2 miles from the marina and just on the outskirts of town. You can see the tugs keeping the ship to the pier as they secured  the lines.

This sign is a hoot! I guess not everyone's definition of a cruise line is the same. On the bright side you can bet the shrimp is really great. While riding back to the marina I found an outdoor market and bought a few tomatoes. I have had a hankering for tomatoes and thought they would make a great add to a sandwich for lunch and maybe in a salad with dinner. 

It has been cold enough recently that not many people have been out and about but since it is warmer today folks are a buzz with projects and socializing on the dock.

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