Friday, January 22, 2010

A buzzards Day....oh so sad

We left from Vero Beach this morning and headed south to Stuart Fla. Not a long trip but it was windy and current on our nose all the way.

We noticed hundreds of buzzards circling small islands that dot the ICW. Island after island all the same. When the cold snap hit the NE, it was particularly harsh in Fla. There was a massive fish kill due to the cold. We saw so many dead fish that it went from ridiculous to sad. The fish would wash up on the islands and  buzzards would help in the recycling. In a local paper there was discussion about the deaths of manatees as well and several universities conducting research on several species.

The state has imposed fishing restrictions on several species such as tarpon, snook and bone fish. I would think the long term impact on the food chain will be felt by many different types of species for some time. It will take a while for many to fully recover I would think.

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