Sunday, February 14, 2010

On to Miami and the Boat Show.

After traveling outbound on the New River we waited in the large commercial turning basin for Filene. She is an OR 63 that was also going to Miami and the Boat Show. Jeff Druek , the President of Outer Reef was captaining her with mate Robert and we were planning on traveling together. We had originally planned an outside run but changed at the last moment due to high winds and 6' seas on the nose. Just not in the mood to slog through a building gale on the outside so we decided to travel down the ICW: a nice, but bridge laden route with troublesome shoals especially near Haulover Inlet. Apparently there have been a number of groundings where the inlet and the ICW intersect. Jeff, who has local knowledge of the area, had us hug the greens as we traversed this section of the ICW.  Both Seatow and TowBoat US have boats stationed here to pull the unwary boaters off the sandy shoal.  They make a good living but fortunately we were going to hit it on a rising high tide so were happy and confident about it and made it through without incident.

After starting down the ICW just south of the Port Everglades turning basin was this cargo area. This was where Seabright was off loaded after arriving from Taiwan in June 2009. The boat was lifted by the gantry crane off the cargo ship and directly into the water. From there it was driven to Marina Bay for commissioning.

We found three waterside bars & restaurants under construction as we went down the ICW. This was urban living along the waterway. With so much construction it says something about the local economy.
We saw this boat, dingy and many Pelicans and felt so sorry for the owner who will have one heck of a clean up after this group used his boat as their home.
It is funny to see the many Billy's along the waterway. Our son should open a restaurant. This was right up along the ICW.

We have gone under so many bridges as to have lost count., but  sometimes the structures are interesting, unique and have character. We admired this one with a friendly bridge tender to boot!
 It is always amazing for us to cruise down the waterway next to a highway and so close to homes. After so much open water and broad expanses these types of scenes never fail to surprise us.

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