Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Miami Boat Show

If the size of the crowd was any indication, this was a successful show. The crowds were out and about  looking at the many boats and having a good time. The weather was sunny but a bit on the chilly side.  By chilly, it was a high in the 68 degree range. The locals told us how cold and unusual the weather has been.

Outer Reef was showing our boat along with Filene, a 63 Outer Reef. There were, at times, a wait to get on board. All in all a pleasant crowd.
For a few days it was a bit windy. On one day the forecast was for 20 kts with gusts to 30+. We were surrounded by high rise buildings so the wind was not quite as strong.
This fellow, a green heron, stayed perched on a piling just off our starboard bow. If you look closely his eyes are closed. When people came near he would hop to the bow line away from them and move to the top of the piling once they were gone.  We enjoyed his company.

This interesting fellow named his boat Mental Floss and was in the brokerage show. That is the same name as John Tullner's  (Jeannie's brother) boat. Very clever. From time to time we all need a bit of mental floss.  Hi Johnny and Eileen!
We did not stay on the boat for much of the show, rather we went to the convention center and the broker show on Collins Ave. We walked around quite a bit enjoying the sights. We came across this unique car. You can rent them and there is a programmed audio tour and built in GPS. It runs on a moped motor. Quite an interesting way to see the town.  

We are headed to the Keys next......


  1. Hi John! It's David Thiemann, Dieter's son. If you get this, could you please ask one of them to call is kind of important...thank you!

  2. David.... I don't know, we have kidnapped them and taken their cell phones ....we are force feeding them steak and rum (dark & Stormy's)terrible fate. Your mom says carry on & be brave... (they are worse than me, your dad said to tell you the will is under the new refrigerator.. unfortunately it all goes to your brother... )



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