Friday, February 19, 2010

Boca Chita Key

If there is a wow this is on the list. Boca Chita Key ( )  is absolutely wonderful. It is south in Biscayne Bay and is a national park. It is accessible only by boat and at low tide has a 4.5 foot depth at the entrance. Inside the basin there is more than 8',so we had to time our entry to a high tide.  There are no hookups for water or power. You must pack your trash out. There is only a part time ranger there during the daytime  They charge a small fee using an honor system.
While the Miami city skyline was visible on the horizon....we felt remote and removed from the big city; a small piece of what was old Florida, only softly touched by human hands.

Joan & Dieter, good friends, joined us on the trip from Miami to Naples, such delightful people energetic and full of life. Great to have them on board while we shared this special moment.
Seabright looking good sitting in the basin, I am sure if boats could smile there would be one there on the bow in approval.

As we walked around the island there were incredible sights. This piece of drift wood reminded us of a howling wolf. I am sure we heard him during the night?

Such fascinating sights as this sponge shaped as a bowl, seems like an artist's touch.
The mangroves were remarkable for their beautiful arrangements. Very tropical. The waters reminded us of the south pacific islands.
Here the small and delicate flowers were thinking it was early spring after the recent chilliness.
Some shelling of course and great views. Be sure to check out our track on the SPOT link above or by clicking here


  1. Great pictures!! Especially love the lighthouse!

  2. is a 22nm miles south of Miami in Biscayne Bay, a great stop!!


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