Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lynyard Cay

We have had very nice weather for the past 5 days or so and decided enough of sitting at the dock, lets go out and anchor. We left last Wednesday and headed out to the southern end of the Sea of Abaco to Lynyard Cay. It could not have been nicer, 5-10 kts breeze and calm seas. Think of it as pay back for those anchorages with 25 kts winds. Because of the hull shape, Seabight rides the the seas at anchor very nicely. We had some rollers from the nearby North Bar Inlet but they were hardly noticeable. We traveled with Ray and Susan aboard Copeing and Bruce and Bonnie and their guests Henry and Lara aboard True Colors. The clarity and color of these waters never cease to be amazing.

We anchored in approximately 21 ft of water, a bit deep for this area where the averages tend to be under 10'. We put out 146' of chain, set the anchor  and deployed the snubbers. I like to have the snubbers down to the water line so that it keeps the angle of the chain to the shaft low in the event of strong winds. The rule, in my head, is to keep the shaft angle parallel to the bottom of the sea and do not let it exceed 9 degrees and it is less likely to drag. Anything over 9 degrees of shaft angle to sea bottom and the chances of the anchor pull increase exponentially.
You can see the new chafe guards coming out of the hauser holes, they are great. This also shows the snubbers low to the water. We swung in a tight little arch, that if you did not have the anchor watch on tracking how the boat is moving,  you would not know you were moving at all.

We always set an anchor watch,  typically I use the Furuno chart plotter for this.  We can set an alarm on a radius based on the center of where the anchor is. The distance can be changed depending on the circumstances of how much chain we deploy, how crowded it is, the local topography and how tight the space is.

We dropped the dinghies and went to Little Harbor (way too shallow for us in Seabright) and had a nice lunch at petes pub and

Jeannie and Susan decided to go exploring the coves and beaches in the kayaks.

Bruce and Bonnie aboard True Colors had rented a 23 foot Albury runabout and we all jumped aboard for a short ride to Snake Cay to see if we could find Eagle Manta Rays.

Pictured are form the left Jeannie, Bonnie and Susan sitting on the bow of the boat.

Here's a crowd looking overboard for the rays. We saw about a dozen or so rays as they glided around the the mouth of the creek.

A typical view of the waters and the land mass of limestone.

We headed back after a few nights on the hook and saw this rainbow off in the distance.

We went back to attend the RHMYC annual Commodore's Ball whose theme was the roaring 20's.

The girls got gussied up for the big event and had a blast in the process. It was loads of fun and good food.

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