Friday, August 26, 2011

Preping for Irene

We have completed our list of preparations except for cutting the power, which we will do in the morning. The boat will run on the house battery bank and the Trace inverter. We have shut off all non-essential appliances and electronics.

We have added a total of 10 lines doubling up where we can and added fenders on both sides. More on the stb side where the dock is. Using Tide Slides is different than the usual in that you tighten the lines so the boat is held in a web of lines. Here it not only acts to hold the boat off the port side piling but the aft line acts to some effect as a spring line.

We have cleared all the seating and removed the enclosure on the aft deck.

The fly bridge enclosure is off and stowed away and the textaline for the PH is off and stowed as well

Here is a shot of the port side tide slide showing a line to the stern and midships

Hopefully we have done things that will prudently prevent any damage and have secured the boat so that it will handle the wind and any tidal surges that we might reasonably encounter.

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