Friday, January 28, 2011

Ya gotta love Grits

Now that we are back to the land of the living we have started to do what we had hoped to do several weeks ago and do a bit of exploring. Since we are in Charleston SC, there is a decided food theme that needs constant attention.

Grits you really gotta love them, but  most of my adult like I viewed them in large containers as lumpy tasteless blobs of well, yuk.   There was a snobby, nose in the air, attitude of, that is so beneath me as a connoisseur of the finer foods such as fish tacos, chili dogs and sushi. Tut tut you say as a narrow minded food snob, then again you may not have partaken in the finer Charleston creamy shrimp and grits opportunities. Diligently we have explored the many options as well as a few tasty treats made aboard Seabright and, converted we are, to the many splendid varieties of taste and recipes for grits. Oh what we have been missing all these years.

This" near passion" took us yesterday ( our real first trip out since feeling better ) to Edisto Island and the Geechie Boy Mill. Here they mill both white and yellow corn to make fine grits, fresh and no additives. Is this grits nirvana, we certainly hope so.

They are a small young family farming and grist  mill. They found and restored a vintage mill and work to supply the family store as well as a few restaurants in the area. Every bag of grits (he buys his corn from a farmer in Ky.) is hand bagged and very fresh. You can see him collecting the grits while we waited. In the growing season they harvest vegetables in the field out side the mill.  Very nice family and very entrepreneurial.
We walked away with 4 of lbs of grits, grinning all the way back to the boat. Along the way we stopped at a small sea food shop and "got us some" fresh wild caught shrimp. Tonight it is shrimp and grits aboard Seabright, yum!

A"little" millers humor, but then I am partial to John Deere's too!

Out side the mill a bit of " Edith Ann" photo opportunity. The only way Jeannie would let me take this picture was to promise I would sit in the chair and let her take mine. %$#@%!

I guess we are feeling better after all

Next up; "A change of Plans"

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