Friday, January 28, 2011

And slowly they emerge

We have been "off line" for the past two weeks with a cold or flu which made it's appearance two weeks ago. We used to claim that we rarely got sick but cannot do that anymore and it is unusual for us to be sick at the same time and never for such a long time I mean 2 weeks, really.
We are still sputtering and need Kleenex handy but we are getting out and doing things again. This weekend in Charleston is forecasted  to have highs in the 60's, so maybe a bike ride might be in order.

Like much of the east coast we have had some chilly and wet weather. Walking down the long Mega Dock is sometimes a real adventure with temps in the 30's a bit of rain, sleet or snow. After all I get to wear my spiffy foul weather gear.

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