Friday, April 16, 2010

Catching up & an end of procrastinating already

We have been at Long Boat Key Moorings since the latter part of February and we have been enjoying ourselves  visiting family and exploring this part of Fla. We like the west coast more than the east coast and every day brings new experiences both big and small. As a result of more play, good weather and fine eats, I have let the blog get a bit behind. So I will attempt over the next few days to get caught up on things.

 Carol and Jay were the first to visit. They had a long drive 890mi from VA as they walk down the dock and look forward to some down time.......well maybe? The weather was nice but like many parts of the country it was cooler than average, But heck averages in the 60s is a darn site better than cold and snow!
Jay was in his east coast cold garb so we need to work on that and get him into a tropical frame of mind.

We decided to go exploring on the dingy, here is Capt'n Jay getting ready. See a little bit-o-sun and nice weather and voila' tropical Jay! We like the look!!

Carol and Jay on the dingy as we push off to head out of the marina

Going out through the mangroves was this beautiful tricolor night heron.

 We went about 5-6 miles from Long Boat Key on the west side of Sarasota Bay to Marina Jacks on the east side. It was a pleasant ride on a clear spring day. Some of the waterfront sites coming into Sarasota, I am not always fond of high rise condos but like this one.

This is the view at a park as we entered Marina Jack

At the entrance to the marina and on the Tamiami trail is this reproduction of the famous Life magazine picture in NYC after WWII was declared won and everyone was celebrating. It really sets a mood!

We had a wonderful time exploring the sites and sounds of Sarasota including a few of the finer restaurants!! yum.

Here we are tucked into the T-head of F dock. Nice location, well protected and surrounded by great things to see and do!

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