Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Billy & Coutney; of baseballs, golf and manatees

Billy and Courtney we able to join us during the height of Spring break over the Easter Weekend. They came ready for some serious down time and hoping to see and enjoy the area.

We liked the notion because it meant good restaurants,  boating related stuff, the beach and being a bit of a tourist. Down time does not mean sleeping or inactivity rather more of a diversion from the usual. With that in mind off we went..........Hats, gotta have hats, check out the Fla chic and the "tribe" well worn. Now we are ready for some base ball!

What better than a personal welcome from your hometown team. What fun!! The sign came up at the top of the third inning Orioles vs NY Mets. Tres cool..... Now dang, how did the Orioles know that Billy and Courtney would be there??

A great day of sunshine, baseball and junk food..... yum!

 Courtney was the first to see a visiting manatee. We have not seen many because of the unseasonably cool winter. This was our first. He/she came lumbering by so we had a good long visit.
 Billy and Courtney got a round of golf in at the local club and did quite well.

They had the opportunity to try out our new kayaks. These are blow up types so easy to store on board but also very robust.
A bit of exploring around the marina and then off to check out the mangroves. Gives you a really nice experience closer down and no engine getting in closer to areas that not normally accessible.

Easter Sunday we went to a very nice brunch in downtown Sarasota and ate out side at the restaurants veranda. Then Billy and Courtney went off to the beach.

We had a wonderful visit, perfect weather and a relaxing non stop time. Sorry to see that it ended but happy for our time together.

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