Monday, March 1, 2010

The Keys on the inside

With obvious glee down the inside route we went. The water depths were indeed "skinny" with average depths in the 6-7' range. Going slow at 7kts or so we puttered down the  waterway happily and enjoying the sights and the gorgeous blue-green clear waters.
No matter how many times we visit the Keys the water is always such a pleasure.  We spend most of our time on the Chesapeake Bay so, in contrast, these waters are a standout. Some will say that the Keys are as close to the Bahamas  while still in the US.

The waterway alternated between broad expanses and narrow land cuts. As we passed through these land cuts the depths of the water was better most likely due to currents which, when constricted, helped cut a deeper path.  Here towns and clusters of homes, shops and restaurants sit and the bohemian atmosphere of the old Keys still remain.

After leaving Boca Chita  we planned for a short trip and had to decide whether to anchor out for the evening or to go to one of two marinas along the waterway. The decision was finally made based upon food. We understood there were several choices of good restaurants and we felt a certain obligation to verify these suggestions. 

We stopped at Cross Key near Blackwater Sound and Lake Surprise.

A short distance across the waterway was another marina. We had thought we might walk across a bridge to the other side but once there we decided the bridge was way too big and did not look like a good way to go.

We dropped the dingy and went exploring. But first we had to get some gas. This marina had ethanol free gas which is preferable for outboard motors. Once past the bridge were a series of mangroves with small openings that allowed us to putter through.

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