Monday, March 8, 2010

Indian Key Pass, Gnarly trees & Everglade City

We had another 35nm or so trip further n/nw to Indian Key Pass. This waterway while still in Everglade National Park is the waterway entrance to Everglade City.

The trip was smooth, uneventful getting ready to weigh anchor.

The river bottom was muddy and had quite a distinctive smell as the last of the chain and anchor came on board.

We traveled several miles up Indian Key Pass to a wide anchorage on the northern side of the river. It took two try's to set the anchor because the bottom was hard. Once set we were in good. Our next task was to get the dingy down, explore and travel to Everglade City.

I have found I really like gnarly trees. The gnarlier the better in my view. We found this small spit of land that had the most interesting trees or really mangroves.

On one side of this island was exposed to the sea and the root systems were visible. The other side was not as interesting.

As we turned a corner Everglade City came into view. We have never been here before but have heard it described as old Florida.

These three amigos looked comfortable and happy with their perch.

This handsome fellow was perched and watching the world go by.

We tied up our dingy which Jeannie has named "One Wingy Dingy" at the face dock of the Rod and gun Club

The Rod and Gun Club is a old and fascinating institution  Tres cool.

A casual and charm greets you on the front porch

Jeannie & Joanie in front of a huge fireplace. A charming and unique place. Glad we made the effort to visit.

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