Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our really big news!

Our really big news, Billy and Courtney, a week before arriving in the Bahamas, announced they were engaged to be married. While the details have yet to be worked out they are thinking sometime in the Spring of next year!

This makes their trip here to the Abacos that much nicer, as we get to enjoy not only their company for a week but we get to help celebrate their exciting news, Bahamian style. A feting on island time mon. What could be nicer.

It is sometimes a bit of a challenge to work through an itinerary for this time of the year because the weather can be unsettled. The weekend before they arrived we had winds clocking in at 30-35kts. Makes for a more restrained time. However the day they arrived the winds were great, it was sunny and warm...perfect for heading out.

After a bit of group consultation we decided to go to Guana Cay, Treasure Cay and returning to Boat Harbour in time for a days' excursion to visit the Bahamas' Blue holes. Then a day to go to Hopetown

While the distances to the various Cays in the Sea of Abaco is not very long, it is a nice trip to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful blue waters.

Our first order of business was getting into da island time mon, and we seemed to have gotten that one nailed from the get go!


Next up was a bit of time handling the boat from the fly bridge. Not the first time for these two but not only enjoyable but a great job too!

We pulled into Orchid Bay Marina on one of their T-heads.
Our first stop for the evening was one of our favorites, Grabbers on beautiful Fishers Bay.


The next day we planned on the famous Pig Roast at Nippers.

There is a custom in these Cays to decorate the trees, the gnarlier the better in my view.

 We hope for Billy and Courtney as they start out a life together, that all of their dreams for love, happiness and success come true!

(click on on the picture to see the sign better)

Next up:  Kayaking and Blue Holes

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