Friday, January 13, 2012

Man-O-War Cay

Since returning to the islands the weather has been fair winds and pleasant temperatures. Quite delightful.

As a result we have been able to be out and about either on Seabright or our dinghy which we named "One Winghy Dinghy"
We decided to make the trek to Man-O War Cay, which is a bit under 9nm across the Sea of Abaco and just north of the inlet by the same name. When the wind is kicking up the inlet can make the trip a bit dicey but the day we went its was great. This particular Cay is know for boat building. As was true for a number of these Cays, the original settlers were Loyalists from the American War of Independence or southerners from the Civil War. All fascinating histories but in the case of this Cay some of the original settlers were boat builders and that craft has been passed down from generation to generation.
That craft still thrives today with  Albury Designs which are both fiberglass built and wooden built boats and various related things.

These sturdy boats come in all shapes and sizes. The water is so clear these boats seem to float in air.

The most common we saw were fiberglass runabouts that serve as both pleasure and work boats. They are also known for the sailing boats that compete in the various island races.

This Cay, similar to others in the Abacos, are long and not very wide. Aside from walking, the most common form of transportation is golf carts and "small" sized trucks of the type not typically seen in the US.

There are usually no sources for fresh water, ie no wells; most use ways to catch and store rain water and more recently reverse osmosis water makers. They certainly are not frivolous with water use.

We have found these Cays to be quite charming each with small narrow streets, covered in trees and areas to sit and enjoy life a bit. The two Cays we have been to have had some elements that are quite similar and yet some distinct flair that is uniquely their own.

I am a confessed admirer of gnarly trees but with the added flair of flotation balls in various sizes shapes and materials, these really caught my eye.

We found many with interesting bic a brac, this one sported a nice bench with shade.

These were just in some wooded areas but obviously the person had a wonderful idea of just the right idea.

These were under a covered area with picnic tables on the water

I found this bell from an old ship quite interesting.

Home grown flowers on
Man-o-War Cay

When flowers have the mind to sprout they'll grow just about anywhere.

A canvas sail shop that really made things to sell to the general public including bags, place mats and other items made from colorful canvas.
The lady here was one of three seamstresses hard at work.

We were wondering how this mailbox would look in front of our driveway.  Someone is quite the artist!

A look down the street with the island grocery store peeking out on the left hand side.  It had practically everything a big store would offer.

You don't really see many hills but this was a steep one. The sign you cannot see warned, "Slippery When Wet".

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