Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hopetown, Elbow Cay

The other day we had a let up in the winds and dropped our dinghy ( which is named One Winghy Dinghy) and ran across the Sea of Abaco to Hopetown on Elbow Cay;  trip of just under 7nm one way. A good day with a light chop on 1-2 rollers at the center.

Hopetown is one of those places that by virtue of its charm and picturesque nature, it represents what  you might think of as the Bahamas.

Coming by sea, which is the only way to get there, the first sight is the beautiful lighthouse built by the British in the 1864, much against the desires of the locals. They profited greatly from ships wrecking on the reefs and the salvage of the cargo.

We tied up at the dinghy dock behind us. While it is hard to see, the water is very clear and a beautiful blue green.
I meant to bring a small anchor for the dinghy but in all of our haste to depart in September I forgot. Here they like you to use a stern anchor so more dinghies can get into a small space. I bought one a few days later.

Susan and Ray Cope rode over on their dinghy named Molly Muffin.  Later with a Dark & Stormy in hand,  Ray and I  will braid a line with a thimble and shackle to get my new anchor properly set up.

Here is a photo tour:

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