Saturday, November 19, 2011

West End

We arrived at the West End of the Bahamas the other day and cleared customs. Fairly easy and straightforward. We have a fishing and cruising permit through early July 2012....

We are tied up next to Susan and Ray, beautiful setting.

Across from us is NV with Bo and Oswe. They will travel with us for the next week then they are off to the Virgin Islands for the winter and the Med in the Spring.

Just to the side of NV are Rose and Brian aboard My Therapy. That gives us four vessels in our small convoy.

The winds have kicked up again and yesterday we stayed in the marina. While still windy the sun is out and the divers are heading out.

The local vegetation is wonderful.

We are departing a bit late this am. We need to go through Indian Key and want the tide to rise a bit to get through some skinny areas. Tonight we will anchor in Great Sale, a trip of about 46nm. We should arrive before dark. The water depth will slow us down a bit in certain areas where we do not want to squat the stern. There we will average about 7-7.5kts otherwise we will run 8.5kts. The winds are 15-20kts from the NNE and will give us a chop on the banks. The next day we will anchor out in Green Turtle Cay and wait for the winds to die down to make passage though Whale Cut, which can be difficult at certain times. As we look at the weather forecast, Tuesday may work. We will be prepared to go at the first opportunity.

For now, we have adjusted our clocks and we be on island time Mon.

Be sure to track our progress on the SPOT tracking

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