Monday, February 21, 2011

Risky Business

We joined up with Risky Business yesterday and today traveled the ICW with them from St. Augustine to Daytona. A pleasant and leisurely day.
The only challenge was the Matanzas River Inlet and a chronic shoaling problem at r 80 day marker extending until the next red. You really need to hug the reds in the area where sometimes it feels as though you might drive your boat up on the beach. Good water however with 10-11 ft all the way. Go a bit closer to the greens and it is a call to Tow Boat US.
We had the added advantage of part of a dock about 20x 6' floating in the middle of the waterway.

Always on the lookout for birds we found this heron sitting quietly on a tree stump.
For those interested our bird count so far is; Great lesser Blue Heron, White Egret and lesser, brown & white Pelicans (we have seen more flocking whites than ever before), mallards, hooded merganser, 4 bald eagles, osprey, sea gulls, Ibis and cormorants.

Departing this am we went past the old Spanish fort in St Augustine. This always is such an impressive site.
We went through the Bridge of Lions Bridge at the 7:30am opening. It was the first time through for us, now that the construction is done and everything is back to normal.

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