Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finally an update

I admittedly have done less than a yeoman's job in keeping current with blog entries.  Having followed others I find that not keeping up is frustrating and after a while I stop checking. Not wanting that to happen I will try and keep this up with maybe a bit shorter on the  posts than in the past.

After a delightful Thanksgiving at home with Billy and Johnny, where we fried a turkey (a first) and over ate. Jeannie and I drove back to Isle of Palms and moved the boat to Charleston City Marina , where we will stay for the winter. A bit chilly perhaps but a remarkable city which we hope to explore and enjoy. We are on the "mega dock" and you can find us using their web cam
 If you look to the south end of the mega dock we are a third of the way in from the entry on the inside portion of the dock.

More latter...

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